Cloud Connectivity

Managed cloud services


Through Wanzo, you can benefit from the world’s largest footprint cloud platform with fully managed Microsoft cloud services. We help organisations of all sizes transform their operational agility with scalable resources, applications, storage, analytics and business continuity solutions (all built on Microsoft Azure).

Wander with the cloud



Wanzo Internet & Ethernet Network services enable your business to transform into the cloud. Our vision is to provide the best experience for our partners and allow them to grow quickly and easily. We can provide the infrastructure you need for your business to connect to the cloud and we can tailor this to your requirements.


Our team is agile and flexible to work with, should your business change direction.

Disaster recovery


Losing business data through disaster, malicious cyber-attack or human error, can have a huge financial and reputational impact on any organisation. To mitigate against this, it is crucial to have robust business continuity and disaster recovery protection. We offer a comprehensive set of services to protect your organisation.

Our all-in-one service bundles together data backup and server replication. This service stores your data and systems on separate secure platforms, across two of our diverse private cloud locations. 

Online Backup – Customers receive access to an application aware portal, giving them control to select files and programmes for backup. Selected data is securely replicated across two of our diverse private cloud locations. The data is stored on protected storage with guaranteed availability.

Server Replication – Our service also provides a replication of customers’ servers and mission-critical applications to our secure private cloud. In the event of a failure, the stored replication data is loaded onto private cloud IaaS which takes over to provide seamless service capabilities.

Access all areas 

Join the Wanzo cloud and enable your business to gain internet access from anywhere. IT running costs are going to be a lot less as you won't need to host your equipment on site, so say farewell to those servers and connect to the cloud.


Our cloud connectivity will give your workforce the ability to work anywhere safely and securely with access to all of your data. Without the need for an engineer to come to the site, it is more cost-effective to move to the cloud. And we will back up all of your files automatically so you don't lose any critical data. 

Keep it safe

Wanzo offers safe and secure cloud access for our partners. We work with only the best and safest data centres allowing many businesses to continue to move mission-critical data into the cloud. We are continuously improving our network and opening new sites to keep our partners happy. 

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