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Wanzo Internet & Ethernet Network services enable your business to transform into the cloud. Our vision is to provide the best experience for our partners and allowing them to grow and scale up quickly and easily. Wanzo can provide the infrastructure you need for your business to connect to the cloud and we can tailor this to your requirements.


Our team is agile and flexible meaning we can work with you should your business change direction. Our team is proactive and well-trained meaning we can keep you connected one a smaller budget.

Access all areas 

Join the Wanzo cloud and enable your business to gain access from anywhere. IT running costs are going to be a lot less as you won't need to host your equipment on site, so say bye bye to those servers and connect to the cloud.


Our cloud connectivity will give your workforce the ability to work anywhere safely and securely with access to all of your data. Without the need for an engineer to come to the site, it is also more cost-effective to move to the cloud


Wanzo will back up all of your files automatically so you don't lose critical data. Wanzo is here to make you thrive not survive.

Keep it safe

Wanzo offers safe and secure cloud access for our partners. We work with only the best and safest data centres allowing many businesses to continue to move mission-critical data into the cloud. We are continuously improving our network and opening new sites to keep our partners happy. 


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