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Why go Managed?

It doesn't matter what stage in your company is at, the main thing you want to have is a fast, reliable and secure connection, right? well this is why a lot of businesses are opting for a fully managed service. Wanzo are offering symmetrical solutions & uncontended services, resulting in business grade connectivity at all times.


You will be future proofing your business and opening up a whole new level of possibilities with cloud applications that will work seamlessly and by letting us manage it, you can keep focusing on your business.


You may be reading this thinking that managed services aren't the way to go for your business, but we have a few points which we believe make it worthwhile to go managed.


First of all, we manage the day-to-day activity of your IT services to keep it online and working securely, giving you peace of mind. We offer predictable expenditure allowing your business to budget correctly and having a fixed fee each month.


Wanzo is continuously improving our network by actively researching and testing new technology. Our support team are there to assist and deliver the service that you pay for.

One WAN, One Bill

Having one supplier for all of your IT services does make life much more simple and the billing is even easier than that. We can bring all of your services into one bill, which will be taken each month as a time that suits you.


We want to essentially be an extension of your business and working with you into the future.

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