IT Project Management

Project Management

Wanzo are open to all kinds of a project from a global WAN solution to a single office connection, we have an experienced team who thrives on different ways to get business connected even if a traditional connection isn't an option.


Each order is project managed by our team and out 'fast-response' approach enables us to work with you from the very start and get the best understanding of your requirement.


Wanzo can deliver your specific project on time and within budget through utilising different suppliers, technologies and our innovative thought process which allow us to give our clients the best experience.

Project Specification

Wanzo will fully manage the project lifecycle and provide our clients with regular updates excising control. Our steps include:

- First consultation

- Project Milestones

- Procurement requirements

- Costing and evaluation

- Implementation

- Completion and sign-off


When it comes to internet and fibre leased lines connectivity a lot of businesses have suppliers they don't want to move away from. Wanzo can still be of assistance, as we can offer an unbiased view and help you make the most appropriate choice.


Wanzo can examine proposals you have received for a project and provide the benefits/ disadvantages and strategic recommendations in line with your goals and objectives.


Our team will produce a full report and conclusion outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each business and our supplier of choice.


Project Requirements

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