Ethernet Services

Super-fast connectivity has never been easier and Wanzo can enhance your business network performance. Wanzo can offer ethernet Layer 2 and 3 services and connect each of your sites securely, cost-effectively and effortlessly.


Wanzo is providing fixed and reliable services at rates that businesses can actually afford. We deliver a simple, secure point to point connection between two locations bandwidth starting at 100Mbps and offering 10Gbps.

All of our services are uncontended ( if you don't like sharing) and symmetrical so you can download and upload missions critical data in the blink of an eye. Wanzo allows you to use as much data as you want when you want and our speeds have never been better. 


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Managed Services

At Wanzo, we know first hand how difficult it can be to maintain your network. That's why most businesses prefer for us to maintain their network and services.


We are experts within our industry and we can give you peace of mind by keeping your businesses connected to the internet. We have a bespoke portfolio of services that can connect you to the cloud easily and cheap.

With our managed service, we can manage all of your offices bringing it under one WAN under one provider, who actually offers fair prices for top quality services. Wanzo can handle multiple vendor's and provide you with quick, real-time updates.


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Cloud Connectivity

Wanzo is making cloud connectivity simple for your business. We put your network, data, files, applications into one of our datacentres and you're done. Wanzo will then monitor, back-up and maintain your solution.


With Cloud connectivity running costs are streamlined as you won't need to have on-site equipment consuming power. Everything can be managed virtually so moving into the future life becomes easier and it creates a much more flexible and happy workforce.

Voice - Unified Communications

Wanzo can offer you a fully featured cloud hosted PBX solution, eliminating the need for your traditional business system. We can put all of your data and voice  connectivity through out network and prioritise traffic for Quality of Service.


Our Unified Communication bundle is quick, easy, flexible and most importantly scalable meaning when your business grows more Packages can be added quickly and easily. The Unified Communication bundle will reduce the cost per user for your business and increase productivity and the way your business works. 


IT Project Management

There is no project to big or small for our team. We believe we can take on any connectivity challenge and we have a highly  experienced team who have a wealth of experience.


We have dedicated account and provisioning managers, who will project manage your installation from start to finish and ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget. We look to provide our partners with regular updates and have full control over the service when this is being delivered.


We want to be an addition to your business and we are putting YOU the customer first!



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